About us

High-quality bespoke legal advice

Crivits & Persyn is your legal partner. We offer our clients added value by making constructive and inventive use of the law. As a solid base for your professional activity and to resolve legal issues.

Our lawyers listen to you, think along with you, and offer expert advice in comprehensible language. Our team is composed of experts who complement and reinforce each other. Together we formulate solutions that match your real needs.

Crivits & Persyn stands for high-quality bespoke legal advice with a personal, result-driven approach and clear communication.

About the firm

Crivits & Persyn was established in 1988 by Rik Crivits & Chris Persyn. More than thirty years on, the firm has a team of more than 35 people, each specializing in particular fields. By working together, we are able to pool our expertise in the interest of our clients. In this way, we offer you the best possible solution for all your legal questions and needs.

Our values

Genuine concern

Our clients are important to us; their reputation and growth are our concern.


It is our ambition to be respected for high-quality and result-driven bespoke service. Showing respect to everyone is key to this ambition.

Passionate together

As legal partner we are wholeheartedly devoted to our clients. Inside the firm, too, we work together and complement each other’s specialisms, and are passionate about what we do.


We speak the client’s language. We translate technical terms and concepts into comprehensible language. We communicate in a transparent way and offer clear legal solutions.

Solution focused

We provide solutions, not technical memos or advice. We make thorough preparations geared to the client’s particular situation. Then we propose the steps required to get the best result.

International cooperation

In order to support your international activities with expertise, Crivits & Persyn is part of the European consortium Girlings Europe, with partner firms in the United Kingdom (Girlings Solicitors) and France (Barron Brun Duwat Ritaine). We also have relations with reputable law firms in the other neighbouring countries.

Crivits & Persyn likes transparency. That also applies to what you pay.

Our invoices detail our working hours and the costs that we charge. As a rule, we charge you on a monthly basis, so that you can keep an eye on the financial status of your case.

The price of our services covers fees and costs.


The fees of the lawyer or lawyers who handle(s) your case are charged at an hourly rate between €80 and €250 (excl. 21% VAT), depending on the lawyer’s experience and specialization. Specific arrangements regarding the applicable hourly rate are made when we open your case.


Costs include lump-sum office expenses - such as administrative costs, travelling expenses and mailing costs - and specific costs of third parties. Those specific costs are case-related costs that are advanced by Crivits & Persyn and passed on to you without extra charge. They may include bailiff’s fees, translation costs, costs of consulting specialized databases, etc.

If you have any questions about our fees and costs, or if you want to make specific arrangements regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us. Depending on the case, a lump-sum fee or an outcome-based fee may be charged.