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As is customary for websites, the website makes use of “cookies”.


A cookie consists of some data that a website sends to the visitor's browser via the server on which it is hosted, with the intention of storing this data on the visitor’s computer.

Cookies can have different purposes, such as improving the user experience on repeated visits to the website, by remembering the chosen language or preferences on the website. Necessary cookies ensure that the website works correctly. Cookies can collect statistics about the number of visitors on the website or certain pages during a certain time, personalise the website or collect information about the visitors of the website.

Cookies can be placed by the server of the website you are visiting (so-called first party cookies), but sometimes also by another party (so-called third party cookies).

More information about the types of cookies can be found on

Crivits & Persyn use the following cookies:

  1. Necessary cookies

These cookies are indispensable for visiting our websites and for using certain parts of them. These cookies allow you, for example, to navigate between the different parts of the website or to fill in forms. If you refuse these cookies, certain parts of the website may not work, or may not work properly.

No necessary cookies are saved when using our website.

  1. Functional cookies

Functional cookies are cookies that facilitate the functioning of our websites and make them more pleasant for the visitor by ensuring that you have a more personalised surfing experience. For example, the website can use a registration system or a newsletter. These cookies can be used to recognise you if you visit the website again, and to save your registration details or remember the preferences that you have indicated on the website.

The following functional cookies may be set when using our website:

Cookie name: cookie-agreed

Description: This cookie is used to register your choice when showing the cookie banner. This cookie is only placed after you have made a choice
Duration: 10 days

  1. Analytical cookies

This website also uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service offered by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Inc. is based in the US, and is in compliance with Privacy Shield.

This website uses the following analytical cookies. These cookies keep statistics about how many visitors visit our website and which pages they look at. We use Google Analytics, which has been set up in a privacy-friendly manner, among other things by not allowing the use of the data by Google for its own purposes and by anonymising the IP address.

Google Analytics is a web analysis tool provided by Google Inc. Google uses the collected data to track and investigate the use of the website, to produce reports and statistics related to this website and to share it with other Google services.

For more information, please refer to, for opt-out:

Google Analytics places the following analytical cookies:

Cookie name: _ga
Description: This cookie is used to get an idea of the number of page visits, sessions and campaign data. The cookies store information in an anonymous way and a randomly generated ID is used.
Duration: 10 days

Cookie name: _gid
Description: This cookie is used to track how visitors use the website. It also serves to create analytical reports of the website. The data collected, particularly the number of page views, the source of the visitor and which pages the visitors have visited, is kept in an anonymous form.
Duration: 1 day

Cookie name: _gat_gtag_UA_134161702_1
Description: This cookie is used to limit the amount of data processed by Google on websites with high traffic.
Duration: 1 minute


Crivits & Persyn does not request permission for the use of necessary and functional cookies. These cookies are necessary and optimise the user experience, which means that both the user of the website and we ourselves have an interest in using them. The functional cookies is only placed after you have made a choice at the cookie banner.

When you visit our website for the first time, we ask whether you also accept the use of the above-mentioned analytical cookies. You can refuse the use of these cookies by selecting “Accept functional and necessary cookies” in the pop-up screen that is displayed when you visit the website for the first time.

You can also refuse the installation of cookies via your browser settings. You can find the procedure for refusing cookies for the most commonly used browsers on the following website:
You can also delete any already installed cookies from your computer or mobile device at any time.

If you still have questions or comments about cookies after reading this cookie statement, please contact us via