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Human Resources

Crivits & Persyn assists you in everything to do with the workforce of your company, such as recruitment, employment and dismissalof staff. We advise you on the validity of special provisions such as non-competition or training clauses and help you to make a clear contractual distinction between an independent contractor and an employee.

We offer advice and assistance in (impending) conflict situations such as strikes and sit-downs. We are also actively involved in restructuring operations with respect to staff matters. We advise companies on collective redundancies. In the transfer of a company, we help employers to comply correctly with their social security obligations with respect for the rights of employees.

Employers have special obligations to ensure the occupational safety of their workforce. Your company as well as your directors may be prosecuted for breaches of social law, for example if the well-being of your employees is at risk. Our lawyers help you to organize a preventive safety policy and represent you in all lawsuits connected with industrial accidents.

We offer advice on the employment of foreign workers, on secondment or otherwise.

Social law inspections are frequent in this country. It is important to know what your rights and obligations are when confronted with the social inspectorate. We offer support in this area too.