Crivits & Persyn assists you in everything to do with the organization of your business: from the start-up to the day-to-day running of your business and the transfer or liquidation of your company. Are you better off opting for a one-man business, or is it safer to work with a (management) company
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Human Resources

Crivits & Persyn assists you in everything to do with the workforce of your company, such as recruitment, employment and dismissalof staff. We advise you on the validity of special provisions such as non-competition or training clauses and help you to make a clear contractual distinction between an independent contractor and an employee.
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Real Estate

Real estate comes with an intricate maze of obligations, laws and contracts. The Belgian with the proverbial brick in the stomach is also confronted with this complex issue in his business. Crivits & Persyn offer expert legal assistance with drawing up contracts, building projects, and disputes
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You may be liable as director or employee of a company or as private individual - for yourself or for one of your family members.Crivits & Persyn advises you on how to limit the liability of your company. We assist you in proceedings relating to professional liability, directors’ liability, product, environmental or traffic liability.
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There is a thin dividing line between government and industry. In the final analysis, certain public authorities are to be regarded as companies. For the purposes of certain laws, many institutions and non-profit organizations from the health care and cultural sectors fall under the heading of government. Other companies often work together with public authorities.
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