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There is a thin dividing line between government and industry. In the final analysis, certain public authorities are to be regarded as companies. For the purposes of certain laws, many institutions and non-profit organizations from the health care and cultural sectors fall under the heading of government. Other companies often work together with public authorities.

Crivits & Persyn advises government agencies and companies that work for or with public authorities. We have extensive expertise in public-private partnerships.

Highly specific legislation applies to public contracts. Crivits & Persyn assists public clients with the public procurement procedure and the contract award to contractors, suppliers or service providers. Our lawyers help companies with the correct submission of tenders for public contracts or with legal questions about the tender documents. We also provide legal advice and assistance when an award decision is challenged before the Council of State or the civil courts, or if disputes arise during the execution of a public contract.

Crivits & Persyn advises local authorities on legal issues surrounding their activity and organization. Expert legal advice can be crucial to smooth government, as is the assistance of experienced lawyers before administrative authorities and the Council of State.