Occupational Safety and Responsibility

It never rains but it pours. This is also true from a legal perspective. A work accident in a company not only calls for an approach from the point of view of well-being and industrial accident law, but can also have serious criminal implications. Crivits & Persyn has extensive expertise in this area, in terms of proactive advice as well as in civil and criminal proceedings.

Furthermore, it is always important that an expert can assess the damage resulting from the accident. Often the liability and insurance aspect is a highly complex matter, particularly where personal injury is involved. Our experienced insurance experts can offer you full assistance.

Crivits & Persyn advises you on how to organize a preventive safety policy in your company. We give regular training courses that teach you how to avoid risks and breaches of the safety and well-being of your employees. If necessary, we can organize an in-company training programme that is tailored to your business.