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Crivits & Persyn assists you in everything to do with the organization of your business: from the start-up to the day-to-day running of your business and the transfer or liquidation of your company. Are you better off opting for a one-man business, or is it safer to work with a (management) company? What arrangements do you make with your partner? What are your obligations and those of your company under the social security scheme for self-employed persons? How do you best organize the distribution or sale of your products or services? Do you opt for self-employed commercial agents or employed sales representatives? What are the opportunities and risks of agency or concession agreements? What do you need to keep in mind when concluding commercial contracts? How to limit competition from employees or suppliers?

Our lawyers can help you with everything involved in doing business in Belgium and internationally.

We give advice and assistance on the subject of protection of intellectual property: copyright, patents, trademark law, software protection etc., and what you can and cannot do with respect to competitors and consumers. Advertising, e-commerce, misleading commercial practices, consumer protection... There are lots of rules you need to keep in mind. We advise you on how to proceed correctly.

It may happen that your company needs to undergo restructuring, for instance when the time comes to hand it over to the next generation, or in case of takeover, liquidation, or judicial reorganization. Do you wish to amalgamate your non-profit organization with another association? Crivits & Persyn has special expertise in analysing, coaching and designing this process.

If your business gets into financial difficulties, you may find yourself facing the spectre of bankruptcy. Nevertheless, there are other ways to wind up a business. We have extensive experience in the liquidation of companies in difficulties.