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Real Estate

Real estate comes with an intricate maze of obligations, laws and contracts. The Belgian with the proverbial brick in the stomach is also confronted with this complex issue in his business. Crivits & Persyn offer expert legal assistance with drawing up contracts, building projects, and disputes.

Drafting a legally valid contract for the sale, (commercial) lease or (sub)contracting of real estate is a complex matter. A large body of rules and regulations is involved, for example in the area of consumer protection, community welfare legislation, and special planning, tax and social law obligations. We draw up watertight and clear agreements and help you to assert your contractual rights.

When you want to realize a building project or operate or transfer a business, you will be confronted with all sorts of rules and regulations in the area of urban development and town and country planning, environmental permits, obligations surrounding soil remediation, etc. Crivits & Persyn advises governments, businesses and individuals in this area and intervenes in litigation and permit disputes.

Real estate comes with a whole range of tax obligations: property tax, VAT, registration fees and many other taxes, such as second residence tax, vacancy tax, dereliction tax, etc. We help you with expert advice to make sure you don’t pay more than necessary.

Building projects involve not only a lot of money, but also many different parties: project owner, architect, (sub)contractor, engineering firm, coordinator, property developer, energy expert, etc. This regularly gives rise to disputes. Crivits & Persyn helps you to resolve those disputes quickly and efficiently, and to prevent them if possible, by drawing up clear agreements and taking proactive action.

Crivits & Persyn also has solid expertise in the area of apartment law. The building association manager has a legally demanding job. In apartment buildings, all kinds of tensions can arise among co-owners or between co-owners and the association of co-owners. Disputes may concern invoicing, the scope or interpretation of the basic deed, decisions of the General Meeting, etc. Crivits & Persyn can advise you on all those matters.