Legal information

  1. Our lawyers are registered at the Bar of West Flanders and are subject to the regulations of the Order of Flemish Bars and of the former National Order of Lawyers, as compiled in the Lawyer’s Code of Ethics, as well as to the regulations of the Bar of West Flanders, compiled in the Bar of West Flanders’ Code of Ethics, which can both be consulted here.
  2. Without prejudice to the limitations of liability provided in Article 6 of our general terms and conditions, our professional liability is, in first priority, ensured with Amlin Europe NV, Koning Albert II-laan 9, 1210 Brussels (leading insurer, policy LXX034899) up to an amount of EUR 2,500,000.00 per claim, and, in second priority, with AG Insurance NV, Koningsstraat 148, 1000 Brussels (leading insurer, policy 99.551.935), up to an additional amount of EUR 5,000,000.00 per lawyer and per insurance year. The applicable excesses vary between EUR 300 and EUR 2,500. In addition, you can find details of the scope of policies and the guarantee (territorial, temporal and material) here on our website.
  3. If you have a complaint, question or suggestion regarding our services, please contact our hotline at any time via Requests or complaints can also be submitted to the Ombudsman Service for Consumer Disputes for the Legal Profession (, located at the Staatsbladstraat 8, 1000 Brussels, the qualified body responsible for the out-of-court settlement of disputes between consumers and lawyers. The firm is furthermore subject to the special regulations on the judicial collection of fees, arbitration, mediation and advice on fees of the Council of the Bar, as outlined in Chapter III of the Bar of West Flanders’ Code of Ethics.